Black Oath has started their career in catacombs of Milan in 2005. Since then the band constantly practices in musical witchcraft performing the best they can in a form of traditional doom music telling morbid stories of blood, damnation and black magic researches. Right now Black Oath have new full length release “To Below And Beyond” on hands. I’ve heard their new song “Wicked Queen” and a whole album promises a lot of great infernal tunes. So it seemed right to me to invoke Black Oath mastermind A.th (vocals, guitars) and discuss with him latest band’s news.

Hell and damnation! Salute A.th! How are you? How is Black Oath?

Hello again. BLACK OATH is stronger than ever before and we are planning the return with a new great album, new merch and cursed live apparitions..

Black Oath got rid of Paul V., as I did an interview with him two years ago… I need to ask - where did you dig his body?

Due to lack of attitude and dedication he is no more part of the band.. We all are glad about his decision to leave and finally we have a strong line up with real musicians! Beside vocals, i took bass and we found another guitarist (already in TERRORSAW line) .. At the moment things couldn't be better.. I will never let someone else ruin my band.. B.O. Is not a fairytale but a terrifying nightmare, an horror movie and i am the director!

A week ago I've seen news that Black Oath returns to it's congregation with new tunes of dark and occult under the name “To Below And Beyond”. Will new stuff songs continue same conception you have on other records?

Of course, it wouldn't be Black Oath otherwise. The concept behind the band is the same even if music evolved and became much more mature. We worked a lot on every single track and we made a hell of an album !For the first time in almost ten years i can say i am 100%satisfied and would not change anything on it ! We are ready to lead you below and beyond.

So we can suppose that Black Oath will show their best with sinister traditional doom featuring melodic tunes and clean vocals, isn’t it?

Oh yes, be ready to listen our most intense work… everything improved on the album and we are very excited to hear the reaction of our supporters..

Black Oath have released single “Wicked Queen” in anticipation of “To Below And Beyond”. What kind of songs does this record consist of?

The single is part of a concept album.. An alchemic and deep research ,which is needed to reach highest levels of spirituality.. I made a sort of story with as final result the fall of men.. There's a sentence in the booklet of the album which represent the perfect concept of the whole work.. I will let you find it by yourselves.



Welcome one of most perspective occult outfits from Land of Thousands Lake. Psychedelic doom rock band Seremonia have released their third conceptual album through respectful Svart Records. The band still holds to features they performed in two previous works: retro sounding catchy songs, female vocals and occult lyrics written in their native language. Seremonia's priest Ville Pirinen (guitars, keyboards) is here to reveal some secrets of band's inner alchemy and new album "Kristalliarkki".

Terve Ville! How are you? What's Seremonia status now?

Terve Aleks! I’m fine, thanks for asking, and Seremonia is doing great, playing shows and writing new songs.

Svart Records have released "Kristalliarkki" in May, it's third Seremonia's album. And I see that you record pretty regular as if you have some certain plan since the band was born. What's your vision of Seremonia?

I think our musical vision is pretty clear and something that comes quite naturally without too much planning or second guessing things. We’ve had a some kind of vision where we are going from the beginning, but a big part of that vision is doing things very spontaneously and doing what we want when we want it. So we do have a plan when we enter the studio, but improvisation and inspiration may change the plan at any given moment. Freedom and surprise are key elements in our vision.

What's Seremonia current line-up? It looks stable since moment when band was born.

Noora Federley –vocals, Teemu Markkula –guitar, Ville Pirinen –guitar, Erno Taipale –drums, Ilkka Vekka –bass. When we recorded the first album Teemu was “only” the engineer & producer, but he’s been playing guitar since the first live show, so it’s a stable line-up. Mikko Siltanen is a sort of special extra member of the band, he’s also been playing guitar on many of our shows, and also does some crazy wah wah soloing on the new album.


Have you ever wondered, “What if The Pixies were a retro-60s psycheldelic rock band?” Well if you have then you’ll find it with Broken Guru. I’m a big fan of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats so I enjoy a little psychedelic freak out every now and again and that’s exactly what you’ll get in Bent Up Halo. You’ll catch flashes of 60s rock you’ll recognize if you’re musical knowledge extends that far but rather than sounding old and rehashed Broken Guru make these groovy sounds fresh marking them with their own funky flavor.

The album starts off with what is my favorite track in Plight of Imemine which really just rocks starting the album off on a high note. It’s a fun song kicking the album off on the right foot letting you know that you can just sit back and groove for the next 45 minutes or so. As you listen along the biggest thing that comes across is that Broken Guru seem to just be having fun and it comes across loud and clear from start to finish. They firmly know what they like to do and they just do it which is refreshing in and of itself.



Check out the music video for "Open Road", directed by Christine Davis (Christian Mistress vocalist) and Marit Schmidt, now below.  "Open Road" appears on Christian Mistress's forthcoming album To Your Death.  Coming September 18th, this album is an 8-song excursion in pure American heavy metal. Marked by the powerful vocals of Christine Davis and the rich harmonies of guitar duo Oscar Sparbel and Tim Diedrich, Christian Mistress is simultaneously relevant and anachronistic.  The band serves the song, the art, and the listener with To Your Death ignoring the line drawn between past, present and future.

See Christian Mistress on tour across North America in September and Europe/UK in October in support of To Your Death. (Tour Dates below)


All Them Witches, the Nashville psych-rock quartet whose recent Bonnaroo debut was heralded by Fuse, American Songwriter, Consequence of Sound and the Nashville Scene, release their label debut, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, on Oct. 30 via New West Records.

Have a listen to their new song below titled, “Dirt Preachers."  The song is one of the nine new tracks recorded during the band’s seclusion at a remote cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

“You couldn’t hardly walk in there, dodging cables, mics and guitars,” Parks says of the small space, “the cabin was a wreck. We immediately got up there, unloaded our 15 seater van and a trailer packed to the brim with gear, and started moving things around, set up amps, and a mixing board.” They recorded much of the album live, but used the studio as an instrument in itself, helmed by producer Mikey Allred and McLeod. The location, Parks says, also had an influence on the feel of the album. “Pigeon Forge is tourist central, with Dollywood and moonshine distilleries, pancake houses, and Christmas stores. But our cabin was up on the mountain. We were the only ones there. We didn’t have to worry about anyone calling us in for being loud. It was quiet. In the morning, the mist would be hanging over the city, then it would clear up and you’d see all these terrible tourist shops. It was nice to know we didn’t have to be a part of it. There’s a duality that happens throughout this record, that of  the solitude of the mountain and the absolute Babylon that is Pigeon Forge.”



Supergroup is such an erroneous term - images of bored playboys pissing on their legacy spring to mind - but the members of WITH THE DEAD have a history of creating criminally good records as long as your arm. They've all served hard time in the subterranean worlds of Doom and the heaviest forms of Metal and have now reconvened to surpass previous projects. They're back - and this time the aim is to maim.

WITH THE DEAD were formed by the founding rhythm section of occultist Doom overloads Electric Wizard: guitarist/bassist Tim Bagshaw and drummer Mark Greening, a pair once notorious for the sheer brute heaviness of their bowel-shaking sound and early extra-curricular activities that involved excess, injury and low-level criminality (arrests for the theft of a crucifix from a church roof and drunkenly robbing an off-licence to name but two). Both have also played together in Ramesses.



This October/November, Sweden's TRIBULATION will return to North America for their first stateside run in support of their recently released new album, The Children Of The Night. DEAFHEAVEN will also join the band on the trek (plus ENVY on select dates), making this one tour not to be missed!

TRIBULATION comments: "We are very much looking forward to our third tour in North America. Together with DEAFHEAVEN, who are bringing something unique to the genre, we will explore the darkest corners of our inner, but also where it is as most beautiful. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Come and meet us at the doorstep to the Other."

On their latest album, TRIBULATION combines foreboding death and black metal with vintage rock/metal, as well as dark wave-- offering nods to influential bands of the aforementioned scenes, but refusing to fall into mere mimicry. With a willful drive, an irresistible groove, bewitching melodies and a haunting atmosphere, The Children Of The Night is guaranteed to turn heads of both newcomers and the initiated alike. Join them in death, life, and beyond!


KADAVAR Premieres New Music Video "The Old Man"

Towering psych-metal trio KADAVAR will release its new album, Berlin, on August 21 via Nuclear Blast Records. The record is the band's third, following its 2012 debut, Kadavar, which was hailed as "perfectly styled 70s psych-metal from a Berlin trio that cheated on Led Zeppelin with Pentagram" by SPIN and 2013's Abra Kadavar, which Popmatters rightfully claimed "takes us back to the origins of metal". In advance of the release of Berlin, KADAVAR premieres a music video for the new single, "The Old Man".



Listen to the first single taken from the new album: The Night Creeper, released September 4th 2015.




SAN FRANCISCO, July 20, 2015 – Acid King, one of North America’s original doom acts, have announced a U.S. tour, their first in nine years, kicking off Oct. 16 at Brick by Brick in San Diego.

Acid King founder/singer/guitar player Lori S. said: “After touring Europe for the past several years we're looking forward to traveling across the U.S. and seeing if the beer has gotten any better along the way!”

Acid King released their first album in a decade, Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere, in April. Outburn Magazine awarded the album a perfect 10, saying the new songs are “six of the most haunting, memorable stoner rock tunes in some time.” Decibel, who called the record a “superlative cosmic pile driver,” and dubbed the trio “pioneers of the whole stoner metal sound.”

U.S. Tour Dates:
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