West Virginia instrumental stoner rock legends, KARMA TO BURN, will bring their bong-ripping riffery and glassy-eyed grooves to the stage next month on a mammoth live expedition. Scheduled to launch on January 7th, 2015 in Ohio, the band will crumble thirty-three stages across the US and Canada, coming to a close in their home state on February 13th, 2015. The band will be joined by special guests, Canadian riff rockers, Sierra. In the meantime, turn up and tune out to the sounds of KARMA TO BURN deafening London earlier this year. The show is downloadable for a limited time at THIS LOCATION.

KARMA TO BURN -- guitarist Will Mecum, bassist Rob Halkett and drummer Evan Devine -- will be touring in support of their Arch Stanton long player. Unleashed in Europe this Summer via Switzerland-based Faba Records, Arch Stanton is the band's sixth studio album and third since reforming following their seven-year hiatus in 2009. Reminiscent of their now iconic Wild Wonderful Purgatory and Almost Heathen offerings, on Arch Stanton, KARMA TO BURN channels the true spirit of the riff rock ritual with seven monumental new shredders and "23," a classic number never before heard, re-recorded for the first time ever. Reaping widespread media adoration, The Sludgelord calls the Arch Stanton, "a thrilling and explosive ride," furthering that, "it firmly puts KARMA TO BURN at the forefront of instrumental stoner rock. On this form, no one comes even close." New Noise Magazine boasts, "The riffs on this album are absolutely jaw-dropping," while This Is Not A Scene contends, "if each of the eight tracks on here don't have you nodding your head, or at least tapping your feet, then you may actually be dead." Adds The Signal, "Throughout the record, volcanic riffs... surge and snap over winding, propulsive bass in sinister, darkened tones. Cymbals crash and fall in a savage dance around the pounding rhythms. Each instrument comes together for smoldering jam after smoldering jam...KARMA TO BURN re-proves their competency as a meat and potatoes stoner metal band."



THE SKULL — the heavy doom-rock band featuring original TROUBLE members, vocalist Eric Wagner and drummer Jeff "Oly" Olson, alongside longtime former TROUBLE bassist Ron Holzner with SACRED DAWN guitarist Lothar Keller and former PENTAGRAM guitarist Matt Goldsborough - have recently announced a December U.S. tour to promote their debut record, “For Those Which Are Asleep" released worldwide this month (November 4) via Tee Pee Records. Confirmed tour dates are listed below.

December 11 – 31st Street Pub - Pittsburg, PA
December 12 – Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD
December 13 – The Foundry Concert Club – Lakewood, OH
December 14 – Rock Star Pro Arena – Dayton, OH
December 15 – The 5th Quarter Lounge – Indianapolis, IN
December 17 – Fubar – St. Louis, MS
December 18 – Brauerhouse Lombard – Lombard, IL
December 19 – Reggies – Chicago, IL
December 20 – the Metal Grill – Cudahy, WI



Today IDES OF GEMINI reveal the occult conjurings of their erotic Daciana Birladeanu-directed "Seer Of Circassia" video. Elaborates singer/bassist Sera Timms, "The concept of the album [Old World New Wave] traces the symbolic-psychological breakdown of a character over ten days ['Seer Of Circassia' takes place on day four]. We're working within the structures of psycho-spiritual alchemical transformation, utilizing Carl Jung's school of analytical psychology. Essentially we have a story of the psychological conflict of opposing forces -- yin-yang, male/female/dark light, etc. -- each driven by desire. The masculine archetype in this story desires control and structure, while the feminine archetype desires recognition and equality as it has been repressed in the 'Old World.' Our protagonist is the Emperor, based creatively on the last Emperor of Constantinople, who represents the ego, masculine, solar consciousness along with control, structure, domination, force and power."



West Coast noise rock/psych doom exhibitionists in WIZARD RIFLE have taken their big guns to the streets today to kick off their November live incursion. Set to commence this evening in Phoenix, Arizona at Time Out Lounge, team WIZARD RIFLE will ransack nearly a dozen megalopolises, with the ceremonies coming to hot, deafening conclusion on November 26th in Brooklyn, New York at Saint Vitus Bar.

WIZARD RIFLE will be touring in support of their Here In The Deadlights full-length, issued via Seventh Rule Recordings late last month. Tracked by guitarist Max Dameron at Breakfast Studio in Los Angeles, then toiled over for a year, with Billy Anderson (Sleep, Eyehategod, Melvins et al) and Jesse Johnstone sharing mixing duties, the album finds WIZARD RIFLE delving into far sludgier realms and reaching new echelons of monolithic heaviness in the process without sacrificing any of their propulsive grooves and cathartic dissonance.

The record has raised the eyebrows and grazed the ears of fans and media nationally. In their December 2014 issue, Decibel Magazine elaborates, "...with [David] Boe's bass anchoring the compositions, providing a welcome low end that adds obvious heaviness, the music flows much better than it did on the previous album. A song like 'Paul The Sky Tyrant' swings with mighty force and grace, while the more progressive, Beefheartian moments ('Psychodynamo') and skronky passages ('Buzzsaw Babes') are able to show a little more restraint this time around now that the bass can deflect some of the attention. It's a marvelous step forward - a promising band expanding literally and figuratively, and sounding all the better for it."



"It is with deep regret and saddened hearts that we must tell you that Athon passed away this morning from injuries sustained from his motorcycle accident. Doctors told us that he suffered irreparable brain damage shortly after the accident. He has been in a coma and sustained by life support until now. As per his wishes, we removed Athon from his life support systems and his organs will be donated. His body will be cremated and a memorial is being planned for family and friends in Savannah. He was 32 years old and will be forever missed. Thank you all for your support during this devastating time for us, it would have made him proud." - Black Tusk's publicist



In an overwhelming outpouring of sympathy and condolences, friends, fans and bands globally remember Housecore Horror Film Festival co-founder/best-selling true crime author, Corey Mitchell, who died of a heart attack Monday, October 27th, 2014 at Emo's, venue home of the event.

Partner/Housecore Records head, Philip H. Anselmo, was among the first to speak out: "This is devastating on so many levels, I can't and won't go into how tremendous a loss Corey's untimely death truly is. I was introduced to Corey first and foremost as a best-selling crime author, and shortly after that meeting I agreed to have him as my co-writer of an unfinished novel I'd been working on. It was his idea to create a horror and film festival that would became The Housecore Horror Festival. He had a vision, and no one worked harder than him to see the event through. But forget festivals. Forget books. We lost a great friend. From all of us here at Housecore Records, we extend our utmost condolences to his wife, Audra, and his two beautiful young daughters... We lost a brother. We lost a great man with a passion for everything that we love. He will be unfathomably missed... RIP Corey. His legacy will never be forgotten, nor will his friendship."


You recently released your new album"Shake Electric", how do you feel about in comparison to your earlier works?
This time everyone was involved in the songwriting. With Shake Electric we also wanted to develop our sound and add a few more layers. A harder riff could for example be followed by a soft piano.

Where do the songs come from? Do you write as a band together or is there one mastermind behind it?

Sometimes John has a whole song ready, from beginning to the end, when he show up at rehearsal. And sometimes he or Annsofie has a riff that we develop during rehearsal. Some songs can take like a year to finish. And some songs, like the title track, Shake Electric, takes about 20 minutes to write.

How did you all meet? Was it hard to find like-minded people for the band?

The band was formed by John and Axel (from Graveyard) in 2010. They fooled around with some songs and needed a vocalist. They asked Ann-Sofie, who said yes, and then Matteo came along. After their first EP released by Crusher Records, Axel felt that he had to focus fully on Graveyard. That's were I came in to the picture. Our first album was released 2012 on Crusher Records. We did some tours, both on our own and with other bands (Graveyard, Kvelertak). In the beginning of 2013 Matteo decided to leave the band. He wanted to focus on his own music. We are still good friends. He was replaced by Olle, a wonderful person and musician.



Here's Black Sabbath live in Germany in early 1970, back when "War Pigs" was called "Walpurgis". Check out the alternate lyrics Ozzy sings here. Also see the Sabbs perform "Iron Man" in a boxing ring?



All Them Witches, the Nashville-based delta-psych quartet, have released the video for "Charles William"

“Charles William” comes from the band’s recently released album Lightning At The Door. The eight-song offering finds All Them Witches merging their psych-background with the rustic inspiration their stomping grounds afford.  Brooklyn Vegan described the album as “a heady brew of swirling tones and heavy blue-eyed blues rock” while The Obelisk effused “It is a stunning work in its clarity of aesthetic and in its songcraft, resulting in eight memorable tracks each distinguished by one part or another but all feeding into a complete, overarching whole that’s immersive, sprawling and the influence of which has already begun to be felt and, one suspects, will continue to be felt for some time.”

REVIEW: OCCULTATION [Silence In The Ancestral House]




by Feind Gottes

Occultation Will Haunt You With Silence In The Ancestral House

Every now and again I search for new music just for the chance of hearing something I haven’t heard before. Sometimes this experiment is awful ending with a hurried press of the stop button (icon usually these days) but I can’t help it when I have a thirst for something new I have to try and quench it. In an attempt to play it safe I went straight to the bandcamp page of Profound Lore Records. They seem to always have impeccable taste when it comes to doom or doom-ish bands so I was fairly confident I could easily find something to appease my nagging need for something new, something doomy yet something unlike every other band out there. This is how I discovered Occultation.

Silence In The Ancestral House was released by Profound Lore Records on October 14th and I find myself hard pressed to describe their sound adequately. The comparisons on their bandcamp page itself while accurate to a degree really tell you nothing of how they actually sound as I can’t think of a single band I can point to and say, “Occultation sounds like insert band name here.” The description from Profound Lore of “a wicked mix of classic Mercyful Fate, Death SS, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and The Cure.” tells you what? Yeah, basically nothing. What I can tell you is that Occultation play hauntingly creepy, eerie music that would fit perfectly into some John Carpenter horror film setting the mood for terrible things to unfold before your eyes. Silence In The Ancestral House is one you truly need to hear and judge for yourself as it mixes elements of black and doom metal into an end product that is as progressive as it is experimental. Also of note, it was produced, mixed and recorded by Converge’s Kurt Ballou who has come to be one of the premiere producers in all of metal. I’ve never been a fan of Converge, they’re just not my flavor, but I am a huge fan of Kurt Ballou in the production booth. Some producers have a way of bringing out the best sound a band has to offer and Ballou has proven to be one of those and this album is no exception.

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