VENOMOUS MAXIMUS to Release New Album "Beg Upon the Light" on October 30, 2012

Texas occult metal band VENOMOUS MAXIMUS will release its new album Beg Upon the Light on October 30 via Occulture Records. The award winning group recorded at Origin Sound in Houston with a head space described as "somewhere between a Alejandro Jodorowsky film and a New Orleans voodoo den." Beg Upon the Light's striking cover art was designed by artist Dann Miller and builds on the band's ever-evolving thematic that involves, among other things, magic, alchemy, extra-sensory perception and astrology; wide-eyed themes that lay "on the outermost fringe of accepted forms of knowledge and discourse." This is some heavy shit, people.

VENOMOUS MAXIMUS is one of the most successful metal bands to emerge from Houston in years, beloved of headbangers and headbanging blogs from across the U.S. and points beyond (maybe even astronauts). Since its formation in 2010, the group has become the go-to metal band in the country's third-largest city, winning back-to-back titles at the Houston Press Music Awards as the Space City's "Best Metal Band" and has shared the stage with the like-minded Mastodon, Pentagram, Saint Vitus, The Sword, Graveyard and more. Now, with the release of Beg Upon the Light, VENOMOUS MAXIMUS is ready to show the world that its reputation precedes it for a reason.

VENOMOUS MAXIMUS' sound combines intense, unabashed metal riffing that locks into heavy rock grooves featuring interjected dual leads and surprisingly darkened atmospheres. Add to it the distinctive voice of towering front man Gregg Higgins and his unorthodox, unsettling tone, unholy sinister laugh and unchained lyrics described as "primal psychomagic", detailing "paths of doom", dying witches, moon worship, haunted graveyards and travel through space and time, and the speed of the band's bat out of hell success becomes surprisingly clear. 

     When asked to describe the band's sound in eight words or less, Higgins replied "Dark, Chrome, Leather, Snuff, Smoke, Sweat, Death, Apparitions." When asked to comment on the new album, the singer arcanely answered: "It's something you can't describe with words. You're either born hearing it or not. When it finally has a mind of its own, the best you can hope for is that it will keep talking to you." 

     Beg Upon the Light track listing:

          1.) Funeral Queen
          2.) Path Of Doom
          3.) Give Up The Witch
          4.) Father Time
          5.) Dream Again (Hellenbach)
          6.) Moonchild
          7.) Battle for the Cross
          8.) Venomous Maximus
          9.) Mothers Milk
         10.) Hell's Heroes

     Hot off the completion of its successful initial U.S. tour, VENOMOUS MAXIMUS has been tagged to appear at some of Texas' coolest music fests this fall including high profile gigs as part of Dallas' RIOT Fest on September 22 and as part of the 2012 FUN FUN FUN Fest, where the group will appropriately kill posers dead with Nachtmystium on November 4 at Austin's Red 7 venue. In celebration of the release of Beg Upon the Light, VENOMOUS MAXIMUS will headline a special album release party on October 20 at Fitzgerald's in Houston. 

     VENOMOUS MAXIMUS tour dates: 

     September 22    Dallas, TX        Gexa Energy Pavilion (as part of Riotfest (w/ The Sword, Descendents, Kill the Client, etc.)
     October 17          Austin, TX         Mohawk
     October 20          Houston, TX     Fitzgerald's (Record Release show!)
     October 31          Houston, TX     Rudyard's (w/ Valient Thorr)
     November 4        Austin, TX         Red 7 (Fun Fun Fun Fest Nites w/ Nachtmystium)
     December 8       Dallas, TX         The Boiler Room

     VENOMOUS MAXIMUS is Gregg Higgins (Vocals, Guitar), Christian Larson (Guitar), Trevi Biles (Bass) and Bongo (Drums)

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