Someone had the idea of pairing Jerry Only's Misfits with Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides) for a performance at the APMA show last night. It was a sad moment...

These guys introduced "The Misfits" (should be just "Misfits" fellas but ok... common faux paux) and talked about how they inspired them to wear makeup. We're not sure what "Help me lose your fucking minds" means. 

Jerry Only introduces Biersack as a huge fan and that performing with Misfits is his dream come true. However, for such a huge fan he totally butchered the words to "Dig Up Her Bones"... the song he chose to perform with them. "Anyplace is where she'll be - Anyplace, she'll see you from - Anyplace is where she'll be - Anything as long as it's mine" Repeat.... Whaa???

Biersack doesn't need to worry with learning words since only a few thousand showed up. Maybe they should have put the lyrics on that screen. He doesn't bother singing the chorus parts at all other than a few grunts.

He drops to his knees while remembering the line "I fall down on my knees" in some out of place David Lee Roth moment. The band just sort of look at him like "WTF... did he just fall?"

The camera finally finds one guy in the crowd that sort of looks into it. 

Most of us watching had this expression.

Well... watch the unintentional horror below if you dare. Who knows... maybe you'll like it...?

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