You recently released your new album"Shake Electric", how do you feel about in comparison to your earlier works?
This time everyone was involved in the songwriting. With Shake Electric we also wanted to develop our sound and add a few more layers. A harder riff could for example be followed by a soft piano.

Where do the songs come from? Do you write as a band together or is there one mastermind behind it?

Sometimes John has a whole song ready, from beginning to the end, when he show up at rehearsal. And sometimes he or Annsofie has a riff that we develop during rehearsal. Some songs can take like a year to finish. And some songs, like the title track, Shake Electric, takes about 20 minutes to write.

How did you all meet? Was it hard to find like-minded people for the band?

The band was formed by John and Axel (from Graveyard) in 2010. They fooled around with some songs and needed a vocalist. They asked Ann-Sofie, who said yes, and then Matteo came along. After their first EP released by Crusher Records, Axel felt that he had to focus fully on Graveyard. That's were I came in to the picture. Our first album was released 2012 on Crusher Records. We did some tours, both on our own and with other bands (Graveyard, Kvelertak). In the beginning of 2013 Matteo decided to leave the band. He wanted to focus on his own music. We are still good friends. He was replaced by Olle, a wonderful person and musician.

You chose the song “Shake Electric” as the first video. Was this a hard decision or did you know it was the one? If you made a follow up video, what song would it be for?

It was a easy decision actually. The song kind of chose itself. It felt natural to build the whole album focused on that particular song. I think we will do a follow up video on Control.

It looks like from the videos you all plugin direct to your amps, no pedals or effects, is this also true in the studio? How loud are the amps when you record to get your tone? All the way up?

Yes, the best sound is directly from the amps! We use a few effects like phaser and wah wah. We have a great Orange amp that we play to the max!!

Do you prefer touring and playing the music live or the creative process of writing and recording?

Touring is never boring, as we use to say. But one needs both to make it fun and interesting. It's a gas working on the songs in a studio, and then get to play them live.

How is the tour with Horisont going?

It's going great! Both Horisont and Vidunder are good friends of ours. We are currently in Vienna, to play at the amazing venue Arena.

Any plans of coming to America?

Yes! We really wanna come over and do a tour there. It's one of our main goals next year. Hopefully it will happen pretty soon.

What's next for Spiders?

We're doing this European tour for another two weeks. Then we do a tour in Spain in December. And then it's time to make some new music! And keep on playing live.

Thanks for your time!

Thank you! Hope to see you in the US soon.

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