ORBWEAVER: Hallucinatory Metal Collective Recording Debut Full-Length

Miami's favorite hallucinatory metal collective, ORBWEAVER, is pleased to welcome Nick Augusto (ex-Trivium/Maruta) to the drum stool. Currently immersed in the pre-production stages of their next album at Shadowlit Studios, Augusto's authoritative drum style and sense of musical adventure adds a new creative dimension to ORBWEAVER's already eclectic brand of pummel.

Comments Augusto of uniting with band, "I'm happy to have been asked to be a part ORBWEAVER. We have all played shows with each other's bands in the past and have been friends in this scene for quite some time now. I've jammed with [guitarist/vocalist] Randy [Piro] before, so the timing was right when we got a hold of each other to join forces and write new material. Looking forward to what this new CD and the future holds for ORBWEAVER!"

Hexagram 23 is the working title of ORBWEAVER's forthcoming full-length. The record follows the band's critically-adored debut EP, Strange Transmissions From The Neuralnomicon, which Terrorizer Magazine dubbed, "a surreal and thoroughly absorbing journey that is equal parts psychedelic, brutal and intricate."

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