Have you ever wondered, “What if The Pixies were a retro-60s psycheldelic rock band?” Well if you have then you’ll find it with Broken Guru. I’m a big fan of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats so I enjoy a little psychedelic freak out every now and again and that’s exactly what you’ll get in Bent Up Halo. You’ll catch flashes of 60s rock you’ll recognize if you’re musical knowledge extends that far but rather than sounding old and rehashed Broken Guru make these groovy sounds fresh marking them with their own funky flavor.

The album starts off with what is my favorite track in Plight of Imemine which really just rocks starting the album off on a high note. It’s a fun song kicking the album off on the right foot letting you know that you can just sit back and groove for the next 45 minutes or so. As you listen along the biggest thing that comes across is that Broken Guru seem to just be having fun and it comes across loud and clear from start to finish. They firmly know what they like to do and they just do it which is refreshing in and of itself.

The entire album sounds like it could or maybe should have come out in about 1968 or something which I mean as a compliment. The grooves on Bent Up Halo are very much retro but done with a fresh sensibility incorporating plenty of groove, dashes of 70s funk and a little stoner rock which I’m partial to as well. Close your eyes and Bent Up Halo will transport you back to the late 60s capturing that “feel good” vibe that most music today is severely lacking. Some highlight tracks for me would be Got To Be Mean, Half Awake, Behind The Mouth and the very 60s sounding Gimme More. Also I detect a little Misfits flair to the album closer Like A Whore which intentional or not I very much enjoyed.

In the end Bent Up Halo as you can hopefully tell is just a fun listen. It isn’t often we get to share albums here that you can enjoy but also that you could listen to with your mother, at least my mother is cool enough to enjoy this one. If you need a break from the heavier stuff we bombard you with here then look no further than Broken Guru. I listen to a lot of retro 70s stoner rock and some psychedelic rock as well and I can tell you this is one of the best albums I’ve heard in that vein this year. So plug in your lava lamps and set your butt to bogey because Bent Up Halo is one you need to… SPIN IN THE GROOVY PIT!

4 out of 5 Groovy Thumbs Up!

Broken Guru - Behind The Mouth (2015) from Lefty Motion on Vimeo.

Track Listing:

Plight of Imemine
28 Cents
Monster Inside
Got To Be Mean
Half Awake
Bent Up Halo
Behind The Mouth
My Universe
Gimme More
Like A Whore

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Written by Feind Gottes

Editor, Thy Demons Be Scribblin

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