Kavadar; "Goddess of Dawn" Video, Debut album July 17

Fast rising hard rock band KADAVAR will release its self titled debut Kadavar in North America on July 17 via Tee Pee Records. Boasting an absolutely killer sound that will find immediate appeal with fans of Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Sir Lord Baltimore, Witchcraft and Graveyard, KADAVAR's thunderous gloom sounds as if it was "dug out and dusted off" and is the absolute apotheosis of the "Sabbath sound". You might want to rock a monk's robe or a space suit for this one!

      MTV IGGY just premiered the new KADAVAR song "Goddess of Dawn", and says the band "has an evident intimate familiarity with the deeply planted, leaden roots of psych, prog, doom and stoner rock" and "proves that there's still much to be discovered within the possibilities of sludgy, bluesy metal".  Check out KADAVAR's "Goddess of Dawn" now! 

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