Hear the new Year of the Goat album, “Angles’ Necorpolis”

Preceded only by two short EP’s, also released by their comrades at Ván Records, “Angel’s Necropoli”s is a brilliantly infectious album highlighting the classic metal/occult rock harmonies Year of the Goat seemingly permeate the air around them with, rather than “perform” or “execute” said riffery. The atmospheric permeation of the eight rituals which comprise their Angel’s Necropolis offering form the proper conditions to transport the listener to another plane of existence for over fifty minutes; a meditative state in tribute to Lucifer and his legions.

Through some trials and tribulations and line up changes things continued to roll on with seemingly new found passion at studio Huvudstaden (Ghost, PG Lost), a studio perfectly suited to Year of the Goat‘s sound preferences, featuring (mostly analogue) equipment that makes for a stunning, true vintage sound.

So get ready, turn it up to 11 and get in “Angels’ Necropolis”!

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