KADAVAR: Release First Single from "Abra Kadavar"!

Berlin-based classic/psychedelic hard rock trio KADAVAR, proudly presents the first single of the upcoming second studio album Abra Kadavar! Check out the song “Doomsday Machine“ accompanied by exclusive on-the-road and behind-the-scenes video footage here:

Abra Kadavar will be released via Nuclear Blast on April 12 in Europe and April 14 in North America.

Regarding the song, the band explains: “It’s both the second track on the album and the second song that was written for it, probably showcasing our trademark sound best. Between changes in tempo, single note riffs and guitar solos, the lyrical concept deals with destruction – inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s movie Dr. Strangelove.”

Abra Kadavar was recorded in drummer Tiger’s studio where he also took care of the production, mixing and mastering. As far as the album recordings are concerned, the multi-talent explains:
“After last year’s final show had been played in mid-December, we started writing new songs. We’ve already had a couple of finished tracks in May 2012, but those were eventually released on a split-LP with AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR in November 2012, which is why we started at square one again. As we knew that there was no procrastination and no going back for us, we sat down for two weeks straight to finish composing with total commitment. We’re perfectly happy with the outcome – I’d even say that Abra Kadavar comprises the best compositions we’ve created to date. The songs are more diversified, the ideas feel more spontaneous. Moreover, we’ve tried to capture much more of our live energy, which is why we’ve recorded almost everything all together in one room, with the amps turned up to the max – solely the vocals and a handful of guitar solos were added afterwards.”

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