KYLESA unveil new song, album details

Savannah-based sludge quintet KYLESA have announced the title and release date of their forthcoming album. One of the most anticipated hard rock releases of 2013, and the follow-up to their critically-acclaimed album 'Spiral Shadow', KYLESA is set to release 'Ultraviolet' on May 28th.

Regarding the new album, guitarist Laura Pleasants stated: "Whereas Spiral Shadow was a warm album suggesting concepts of hope, Ultraviolet is a bit colder and darker. All of our studio albums have their own unique identity and we've always been a band who strives for something different than what current fads suggest. With Ultraviolet, we took a step inward and wrote music that we felt we had to write; this album centers around the multiple themes of loss and you can feel it in the music. Everyone goes through it during their lifetime and this record reflects that experience."

"Unspoken", a new song from the eleven-track album is available now for people who subscribe to the Season of Mist newsletter. If you are already subscribed, you can get the track by entering your email address in the widget you will find on this page.

The Savannah-based quintet recorded 'Ultraviolet' at The Jam Room in Columbia, SC with the band's guitar player/songwriter, and sought-after producer, Phillip Cope (BARONESS, BLACK TUSK) once again overseeing production.

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