Introducing SATYRESS

You're set to release "Dark Fortunes" soon. What can you tell us about the writing process and how the album came together?

Billy: Dark Fortunes is a culmination of some previously unfinished LSD&D tracks and original tracks written by Satyress.

After LSD&D went into Hiatus, Alex,Yorck and Billy kept on writing new material.  Jamie started jamming with the band in late 2012.

Jamie: The vocal writing process in general involved recording the first few times a track was played in our practice space, lyrics were purely based on how the music made me feel at the time.

Billy: After Playing a hand full of shows, We entered the studio in late summer 2013. The studio process really brought to light the immense intensity of LaRose's vocal punch.  We where all amazed on how well the album turned out!  We had spent a long time in the practice shed working out these songs.  Then, to have them come out better that you could have imagined, just rocks!

What's the background of the band? Is this is a new project? Have you played together under different names?

Billy:  The Core of the group was the rhythm section for LSD&D.  Satyress is a new band with Alex Fast on bass, Billy Nitetooth on guitars, Jamie LaRose on vocals and Yorck Franken on drums.  Alex fast also plays bass in The Lovesores.

We've heard a few tracks online but what can we expect from the rest of the album?

Jamie:  Dark is light.  Black is white.  Death is life.  It's a spiritual journey of doomed down soul that hopefully some will follow and feel more whole.  There are space traveling guitar solos, heavy haunting riffs, drums so right on the mood you'll blow your mind.  The last track "Archaic Passage" will work out your inner ears with its strange and beautiful structure leaving you in the beginning again from the end.

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