by Dia Beetus

Congratulations on coming up with one of the coolest band names we've heard in a long time. Who came up with that and how long have you been a band making music together? 

I believe it was Kl√∂jvert, our mascot. We all have pretty bad taste. We started out as a two-piece about three years ago and only one of us could play (Guitar). Since we live in a small town there was not much interest at all, we tried different people but they just didn't connect.  

After a while we stumbled upon a guy who had it all. A magic box, leg warmers and guitar skills out of this world. We asked if he wanted to play bass and he accepted, unknowing of the chaos it later would bring. He knows too much now so he can't back out..

Listen while reading...

Is there a central songwriter in the band or do you all get together and write as a unit? How does the songwriting happen?

There used to be a central songwriter but we have always arranged the songs together. Now we all come with ideas, anything from a short lyric to a djembe-rhytm can be a possible song. We are like a family and have been through a lot over the past years, so communication is getting stronger. Manipulator of minds, you're a dream twister.

Were any of you guys in bands before that maybe we've heard of?

Probably not. 

'Lurar Ut Dig Pa Prarien' by Salem's Pot

In April your album, "Lurar Ut Dig Pa Prarien” was released here in America. Are you feeling good about how it's been received?

Well, the album is what it is. We were trying to say something. Some seem to get it, some don't. If people stick around they'll see what we're talking about.

What was your approach to recording? It sounds pleasantly retro/classic. 

It was recorded at the same place where we rehearse, an old asylum actually. We just used the shittiest and oldest stuff we could find and recorded the tracks live. The vocals were sung through a Vox guitar amp and the percussion/accordion-parts were recorded at a party.

Are the drums only one room mic? They have a nice and open sound but seems like minimal micing on them.

Actually, yes. An old ribbon mic. We had a mic for the kick as well but I don't think we used it.

How did signing with Riding Easy Records come about? 

After releasing a tape on Ljudkassett we got a mail from Daniel Hall (Riding Easy Records ) who wondered about vinyls. Since we didn't have any money he of course had to start a record label and put it out. He took a risk and we love him for that. 

If you were to do a music video, what song would you chose?

A new song.

Do you guys have any touring plans?

Nothing that we can share right now but strange things are about to happen. Just stay with us.

Rolling papers, bowl, bong or vaporizer?

A bath tub. Anything really..

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