Taking a first glance at Alunah it’s easy to end up doing a double take to make sure it isn’t a photo of Fleetwood Mac circa ’75 or something but it isn’t. Any similarities from the band’s photo are completely washed away as Alunah start playing. Their doom laden brand of psychedelic rock immediately reminded me of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats the doom version. They have released the first single and video for Heavy Bough and though it is my first time hearing Alunah, based on this, it won’t be my last. I’ve got a little catching up to do as this is off their upcoming third release. Take a listen to Alunah yourself then get all the pre-order deets. Just a note on the vid, it would appear that demons should not do shrooms or maybe I’m wrong since he manages to stumble into Alunah’s jam session and take possession of their lovely lead lady!

Awakening The Forest, Alunah’s third album will be released Oct 3rd via Napalm Records and can be pre-ordered HERE (http://shop.napalmrecords.com/alunah). They’ll be hitting the road in Europe starting October 1st with labelmates, Lonely Kamel and alternating openers The Order of Irafel and Mars Red Sky.

Words: Feind Gottes (editor, www.thydemonsbescribblin.com/)

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