Moonbow was born on dark night in forsaken barn somewhere in Kentucky. That was a bloody fateful night and four acolytes of doom did gather there to do that must be done. Matt Bischoff (vocals), Ryan McAllister (bass) from Velley of the Sun band, Steve Earle (drums) and David McElfresh (guitars) of Lethal band… They weren’t novices in this discipline and first Moonbow album “The End of Time” was really good, two years have passed since then and the band returns with new work “Volto Del Demone” / “Face of the Demon”. I’ve got in touch with David McElfresh himself through Ouija board (and internet).

Hail David! I’m glad that we have a chance to tell our readers story of Moonbow, but hell – you’re already finishing new record! What will it be?

Hey man, the new one is called “Volto Del Demone”. Its an acoustic/mellow album of sorts.

We freely can determine Moonbow’s first album “The End of Time” as flawless and attractive album; and you did record it for a few years, did you consciously seek for absolutely perfect result or is it only because you were busy with other projects?

There were many things going on after we started recording the album. I was touring with Hank 3 a good bit last summer and our bassist Ryan did some touring with Valley of the Sun. And there were many different other factors that made this album happen over a lengthy spread of time but not as much actual time was spent working on the album as one may think. But over all we are happy with the album and always looking forward tho getting it to the people and what to record next.

How do you fasten your achievements from “The End of Time” on forthcoming record?

I feel that “End of Time” gave us a great introduction to the underground rock/stoner world and we are very grateful for that. Hopefully those same fans will dig this new one!

One of best album’s song “The End Of Time” starts with country style intro, yet I see that you do not abuse that extravagant musical gem in other tracks. Do you see necessity to be original, catchy band at all?

I love good “hooks” in songs for sure. I also love bizarre music that never repeats itself. But as far as this new album “Volto Del Demone” uses the fiddle in several instances

How did you come to this idea – to combine some country music tunes with stoner?

Well I knew that I wanted to collaborate with Hank 3 on a tune if he were to be cool enough to and he did. So I wrote something that I thought might suit something to him. And he delivered a complete different rendition of the tune so we decided to have 2 separate but similar songs. But as for country meeting other music be it stoner or any other subgenre I think country simply gave birth to rock and roll with the help of blues.

“The End Of Time” has it’s drive, it’s emotional work in the best sense of the world, it’s powerful and heavy; does the album have a common mood from your point of view? How would you describe it?

I think “End of Time” had a definite dark, rocking sound that sought the riff where hope remains.. As for this new album it’s very dark in its own way but still there is something beyond the door...

There are a lot of stoner bands nowadays (more than ever I guess) which put “occult”, “satanic” or simply “dark” message in their songs, though some write lyrics about some personal stuff. How serious are you when you write lyrics for Moonbow?

Matt wrote all the lyrics for “End of Time” and he has a great knack for catchy melodies and interesting lyrics that can be left for interpretation. I wrote some with Matt on the new one and its a very dark, personal album that I feel is serious. Although we must all remember to never take anything too serious. Humor is good:)

John Garcia has sung for one of “The End of the Time” songs (“Take It For Granted”), I did read that you are friends with him for a long time. Can you name some modern bands that have such global influence on scene as Kyuss did?

Matt and John have been friends for years and we were very fortunate to have his talent on Take it for Granted. And Kyuss definitely helped pave the way of stoner/desert rock in the early/mid nineties.

Kentucky is a birth place of bourbon, and I’ve seen in band’s profile that whiskey has some influence upon you as well as ales and some rock bands. Does whiskey play such a big “cultural” role in state? And do you have some recipes how to drink it better?

People definitely enjoy their bourbon here in KY! It can get the fire goin for sure! And straight or with a splash of Coke!

Government of Colorado has legalized cannabis in January 1st 2014, it was a good present for New Year. It’s a popular stereotype (or fact?) that stoner music often focuses onto dope stuff, do you care about it?

I think there are many beneficial uses for cannabis. It may not be for everyone but it has been regulated horribly for years. To each their own I say. Just be a diesant human being..

Do you already have offers from European promoters for 2015-2016?

No but we are all ears!

And do you have some plans for touring in USA in forthcoming future?

We have a couple shows booked for September and hope to get some regional dates going as well. And then hope to get some booking help.

You have signed a worldwide distribution deal with Cobraside Distribution. Does it really make band’s life easier? How do you distribute albums of Hank 3, Lethal and other bands?

Distribution definitely helps and there are obviously many levels of a deal. A band at our status still must do much work and we have no problem with that. We appreciate Cobraside very much for getting our album into some European stores and handling our digital end of things.

All band’s members are adult guys, three of you even have beards! What are your ambitions for Moonbow and what are your plans particularly for it’s future?

Release this album “Volto Del Demone” August 28th, play a few local shows here in KY and be in studio recording during fall/winter. Then its time to do some touring!

“Volto Del Demone” translates as “Face of the Demon”, pretty infernal title for the album. Does it have any conception?

Its a very personal song to me. I have learned we all have our “demons” and some of us face them and win and some fall… And no one is better.. its just however it plays out and decisions we all make..

After all of these practice can you say that you finally get that you want from Moonbow? Did it totally incarnated in “The End of Time”?

Ah if I understand correctly I think we achieved something very special on this album and its very different from End of Time and that was kinda the plan.

Well, indeed that questions is rather about “The End of Time” itself. This stuff is good, and I guess that you return to hard rocking stoner next time you go to studio, am I right?

Yes a new heavy album is over half written and should be recorded this winter.

You had a proper official video for “The End of Time” record, will you shot another one for “Volto Del Demone”?

Obviously we would love to have many videos but they do take energy and funds. Hopefully we may be able to shoot one or two for some song,s even if its “low budget” . I’d be all about it.

“Volto Del Demone” is acoustic album, will you play it’s songs on gigs separately? How do you think to spread and promote it as it differs from first full-length?

We will be performing most of the acoustic album as a separate part of the show we play on Sept. 25th  and the rest of the show will be heavy. Of course touring we most likely would play heavy stuff but it would all depend on who we play with and time allowed.

Okay, David, then I wish you and Moonbow all the best with spreading word about “Volto Del Demone”. Good luck! And do you have few more words for our readers?

Thank you Aleks and all who have taken the time to give Moonbow a listen! Hope to see you on the road and remember “All ya need is Love” and some music….\m/


Interview with Moonbow by Aleks Evdokimov

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